Thought Space

Thought Space is Gifted NSW’s quarterly newsletter, it contains information on up and coming events as well as pictures and reviews of recent events, from Gifted NSW, their sub-branches and AAEGT. Regular columns include ‘Kidz Korner’ and ‘My Story’. Each edition also includes key articles from professionals who specialise in the fields of giftedness and twice exceptionality.

Contributions are welcome, including from children, parents and professionals, and should be in the form of a word document. If requested, contributions can be de-identified.

The current and previous 5 issues are available to view on this site. For copies of older editions please contact

Thought Space 21

Michelle Juratowitch discusses advocating for your gifted child, gifted awareness week, effective home-school partnerships and the special needs in education summit.

Thought Space 20

A parent’s experience of radical acceleration, Transitioning to High School, FY17 Presidents Report.

Thought Space 19

Sophie Poisel and Paula O’Hara challenge us with their article: “What is the data telling us about our gifted students and are we listening?” Kathryn Taylor examines Developing Strengths-based Leadership in Students.

Thought Space 18

Denise Woods’ reflects on ‘Planning Sustainable Communities: Youth summit to challenge thinking and problem solving’ and Kristen Graziani discusses ‘Gifted Children with Co-Morbidities and Mental Health Issues’.

Thought Space 17

Adam Willis’ reflection, ‘Building Gifted PEGs’ and Elizabeth Barns’ research piece ‘Acceleration: What the research tells us.’

Thought space 16, 2016 – Cate Stilwell writes ‘What works for Gifted and Talented students at our school: a teacher’s reflection’ and Dr Ben North’s article ‘Five things to know about assessment with gifted students.’

Thought space 15, 2016– Lynn Dare and Elizabeth Nowicki write ‘How concurrent enrolment can be win-win’ and Carol Barnes piece ‘GLD– A neurological paradox’.

Thought space 14, 2015– Dr Rosalind Walsh article ‘The Art of Questioning: Are you asking the right questions?’ and Carol Barnes reflects ‘Eight ways that continuing to ‘believe in’ overexcitabilities may be harming our gifted children.’

Thought space 13, 2015– Kate Burton discusses ‘Giftedness: The word that dare not speak its name?’, Denise Wood provides insight in ‘Deconstructing the development of talent’.

Thought space 12, 2015– Carol Bainbridge’s article ‘The upside to gifted parenting’, Melinda Gindy’s ‘School based gifted policy’ and Karen Plummer’s reflection on the Columbus group symposium.

Thought space 11, 2015– Michelle Juratowitch’s perspective in ‘Raising Awareness: Nurturing Nature’ and Whitley Rubinson’s reflection ‘9 things I wish people knew about highly gifted children’.

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