We have a number of opportunities available for both individual professionals and schools to connect with Gifted NSW and participate in the dialogue around gifted education.

“Talk to parents about the behaviours you’re observing rather than labels per se. And, if parents raise a label, be careful of your phrasing. Try things like ‘it’s worth ruling that out’.”
– a gifted educator


Gifted NSW membership provides access to a number of resources and opportunities and start at only $30 per year. Please register for more information on these benefits and to apply for a Gifted NSW membership.

Gifted NSW is the only NSW association to offer includes complimentary opt-in membership to the Australian Association for the Education of the Gifted and Talented (AAEGT).

Professional Learning Program for Schools


Gifted NSW has teamed up with professionals working in the gifted education field to oversee, collaborate and partly fund accessible professional learning in gifted education for schools.

“Collect data. Even observational data. Don’t panic about data. It doesn’t need to be lengthy but it is important.”
– a gifted educator

Please see our Professional Learning for Schools tab for further information on the program, including topic information and presenter biographies.

“Remember, that by the time a parent arrives at your door, they are at the end of their tether. Don’t take it personally.”
– a gifted educator