Gifted NSW prioritises supporting the families of gifted children.

We offer opportunities for families to socialise, share, vent, and seek advice from others in similar situations. All parents and carers are welcome – there is no judgement here.

We hold regular events for parents, including dinners, lunches and seminars.

“Be open minded. It is a process and you need to be open minded to everything that may come your way. Give all the ideas a listen. You may dismiss some but be open to hearing them.”
– a gifted educator and mum of two

Gifted with a Learning Disability

Do you have a child who is gifted, and who also has been diagnosed with a learning disability?

Perhaps you might suspect that something else is going on with your gifted child?

GLD Australia is a national not-for-profit online learning community and support group responding to the needs of intellectually gifted children and adults with specific learning disability or other learning challenges (GLD). Through the sharing of information, research and personal experiences, GLD Australia members seek to provide support for GLD children and for those who care for, teach and advocate for them.

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My Story

We have been fortunate that our a number of our members have shared their gifted journey with us. Here are their stories. We hope that you may find encouragement and companionship with their journey.


Useful links

There are a number of great resources available for further reading. Find a list of them here