Sub Branches

It is the vision of Gifted NSW to support gifted children, their families and educators throughout NSW, and to work with and support the efforts of the AAEGT to advocate for the needs of this population at a national level.  As one means of achieving this aim across such a vast geographical area, Gifted NSW has completed a pilot project trialing the establishment of sub-branches, and is pleased to open applications for further sub-branches since 2017.  Those considering the possibility of establishing a sub-branch may wish to consider the following:

  • Any Gifted NSW sub-branch requires two sub branch coordinators at all times, with a maximum of 4.  Coordinators complete an application process for approval by the Gifted NSW committee, satisfying insurance requirements.
  • Gifted NSW provides the protection of association insurance, as well as public liability insurance, for sub-branches (provided policies and procedures are adhered to).
  • Gifted NSW is willing to sponsor each sub branch a small float to purchase essential items as they establish.  While it is the ultimate goal that sub-branches support themselves financially (with nominal charges for events covering the needs of the sub-branch), we understand that it can take time for a sub-branch to establish.
  • Gifted NSW is willing to consider all reasonable suggestions in terms of events sub branches may run.  This is in recognition of the diversity of our population in different areas across NSW, and the resulting different needs and priorities.
  • Each sub-branch will maintain their own local database of members and interested parties, adhering to the Gifted NSW Privacy Policy, and must share this database with the main Gifted NSW body.  Sub-branches may advertise approved events among their own database, and Gifted NSW will manage advertising on the members Facebook page, the Gifted NSW Facebook page, the website and via broader email mail outs.
  • Sub branch coordinators will liaise directly with the Treasurer regarding all financial matters.  There are simple processes to follow regarding depositing of funds and maintaining a float.  All accounts are managed by the Treasurer.
  • Parents remain present and responsible for their children at all Gifted NSW events, including sub-branch events.  It is our policy that no Gifted NSW event is a “drop-off” event.
  • Sub branches will be provided a public tab on the website for event-advertising purposes, and ultimately also a login to access private information shared by other sub branch coordinators and Gifted NSW committee.
  • Coordinators must be/become financial members of Gifted NSW.

Further information is available on request. Gifted NSW intends to provide sub branch coordinators with the support they need to establish a sub branch with strong foundations, so that moving forward processes run smoothly. Gifted NSW aims to leave the daily running and management of the sub branch to its coordinators with little interference, provided processes are adhered to. All coordinators are provided with a detailed Gifted NSW Sub-branch Manual on approval of their position as a Sub-branch coordinator.

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