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Welcome to Gifted NSW

Melinda Gindy
President, Gifted NSW

Gifted NSW is a not for profit association with the vision to support gifted children, their families, and their educators.

Gifted NSW is the NSW state gifted association and is affiliated with the Australian Association for the Education of Gifted and Talented Children (AAEGT). Gifted NSW is also affiliated with GLD Australia; a national online learning community responding to the needs of gifted children and gifted adults with specific learning disability and other learning challenges.

In addition, Gifted NSW regularly collaborates with state universities (such as UNSW and UOW), state associations (such as The Teachers’ Guild of NSW), educational bodies (such as the NSW DoE and ACARA) and other businesses and groups who are focused on the vision to nurture and support gifted children.

Gifted NSW is a place where we hope you can feel ‘at home’ in a world where our children/students often seem the ‘odd ones out’.

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Proudly working and collaborating with

GLD Australia
The Teachers Guild of NSW